Lanham Refrigeration was started in 1945 by Carl Lanham. During the war, he worked in Louisville, KY on aircrafts where he become interested in refrigeration. Carl primarily worked on refrigeration in the early days, but as the need for HVAC rose over the years, he began to transition the business.

After Carl’s death in 1984, his two sons, Neil and Brad, took over the business after working alongside their dad for many years. They have continued to run the business since that time under the same operational name. Now, the third generation has begun in the same line of work.

Neil’s sons Bobby, Clay, and Isaac, Brad’s step-son Rob Keeling, and Neil and Brad’s nephew, Jon Whitlock are continuing on the legacy.

As you can see, Lanham Refrigeration is a family and we treat our customers the same. How we would treat our family is the exact treatment you will receive. We look forward to working with you.

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